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Handling serpents.. healing the sick.. speaking in tongues..
casting out demons.. drinking poison.. It's all scriptural..

A pure Holy Ghost fire.. Most Christians don't know it. Do you? 






Holiness Snake Handlers are NOT to be confused with secular snake handlers, snake charmers or the snake enticers in the Hindu religion. 




Welcome to the website of and for Holiness Snake Handlers. They are an Apostolic movement. In this website, it will talk about the fundamentals of snake handling (as instructed by Jesus to His disciples, but widely ignored by most Christians of today). Most people believe that they are on the side of angels, but are they? Are they really on the side of GOD? The answer is an emphatic NO. Satan is the god of this world. Of course he is going to run 99% of the religions out there. That's his job. It all boils down to Mark 16: 17 & 18 to be taken literally that differentiates pure believers from pale imitations. Here I will discuss the fundamentals of snake handling, the misconceptions, the persecutions and my opinions on some of these subjects in favor of snake handling. This site does not condemn snake handling. Also, when the day comes that a country will thoroughly condemn snake handling, a practice in the Scriptures, will be the day that the country will sign itself over for expulsion to Hell. Same sex (sodomite) marriage, legalizing prostitution, legalizing illicit drugs, promoting sexual relations between friends without any commitment to one another, immunity to criminals by lenient judges - just to name a few examples out of many of those other gross and indecent abominations mentioned in the Bible that are condoned in various countries should be highly ashamed of themselves and are not true Christians.



The Group..

Snake Handlers or Serpent Handlers are identified under two titles. The first is a series of Trinitarian (Baptism in the Name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost- (Matt 28: 19) non- denominational churches that run under a name of "The Church Of God With Signs Following". The C.G.W.S.F. was founded by George W. Hensley. The second serpent handling, non- denominational movement is called "The Church Of Lord Jesus With Signs Following" (C.L.J.W.S.F.). This section is non- Trinitarian (Baptism in Jesus' Name- (Acts 2: 38) and was started by James Miller. In Southern Appalachia, the Trinitarian snake handling churches exist, and in the North, the non- Trinitarian churches reside. Snake Handlers (a loose term for outsiders to understand) is better known as the Apostolic Holiness movement- but not to be confused with today's Methodists or "modern thinking Holiness". If you don't believe and live all of Mark 16, as well as following a stringent, Scripturally based lifestyle, you are not Holiness. Holiness is not a word, movement, or a denomination with man made ideas and institutions- extorting money from its people. Holiness is: "a Holy Ghost supernatural experience, not by speaking in tongues as innitial evidence, but by living a genuine Godly life in Word and in Deed on top of speaking in tongues, healing the sick, casting out demons, handling serpents and drinking strychnine." Some will say that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost. The problem with that belief, although backed by Scriptural passages that are taken out of context, is that demons and sorcerers also speak in tongues. So the believer has to have a solid and seasoned Holy life which follows all of the scripture and not side choosing. Side choosing is when someone "picks apart" the Bible to cater to what they believe why excluding others. Others say that you MUST be baptized by water in order to be saved. This is called the "Regeneration doctrine". The problem with that teaching is there are those who are in areas that lack water. What are they to do if they "believe", there is no water to baptize them in and the end of the world comes? If the end of the world comes and they are NOT baptized, they are going to Hell? Makes no sense. 

Holiness Snake Handlers are also called Sign Followers- not because they "seeketh a sign"- but that "Signs will follow them that believe". The name "Pentecostal" is NOT and never was meant to become a man made organizational body consisting of bishops, laymen, board of directors and eventually, a president (much like a Pyramid scheme). Pentecost is "an experience"- not a Denomination. And more individual Pentecostal believers, in their denominations, are receiving a genuine Holy Ghost fire because God does not favour one group over another. He favours individual believers who confess Jesus as Lord with their mouths. Then, by Grace, they are saved EPH 2: 5. After that, their conduct begins to improve as Jesus chips away the old carnal natures that died after the person became born again. The Holiness Snake Handlers, are "Pentecostal Experienced" at its 'purest', 'rawest' and 'finest' I have ever seen, heard and experienced. 

Snake handlers are non- denominational (autonomous from one another) and believe that Denominationalism is non Scriptural- that it is "man made" and of the Devil. They ARE NOT to be confused with "secular snake handlers", "snake charmers" or "snake worshippers". Some snake handlers stick their fingers in electrical sockets which is not Scriptural, but to each their own. "Snake charmers" and "snake worshippers" are found in the religion of Hinduism where "the snake" is worshipped as a god- this IS NOT the Holiness Snake Handlers. The Holiness Snake Handlers read, believe and teach nothing but the Scriptures which is the "King James Bible". Other versions, they claim, are altered, perverted and Satanic. The handlers believe Jesus to be GOD himself manifested in the flesh, who went on the Cross, died and resurrected 3 days later. The beliefs are that the KJV Bible is GOD's Word and worth following and believing to the utmost- to the 100% mark. Also there is the belief that Jesus' words are that of GOD's words and that Jesus is the ultimate & final authority- not Paul, not Peter, not Moses, not Elijah - but Jesus. All other Biblical names come next. There is only one Name under Heaven for which a person can be saved and that Name is Jesus Christ- no other name. (Acts 4: 10,12).  



My Understanding Of Acts 28: 5..



Acts 28: 5 is a COP OUT. It's is a loop hole for all Christians, who are too scared to handle serpents and drink poison as instructed in Mark 16: 17,18. They use "reasoning" that implies that they will handle a serpent accidentally, but not deliberately. GOD doesn't REASON. Satan does REASONING - not GOD. Some people imply that if they get bitten by a serpent "by accident", then that will be the time when they will pray and not seek medical attention. Ok, how often will THAT happen? See? In the Book of Mark 16: 18, Jesus never said "Thou shalt "accidentally" take up serpents.." He never said that. The scripture of Acts 28:5 does not state that Paul deliberately took up a serpent, however, it also deliberately does not state that it was an "accident" either. When people try to dissect what happen, as an excuse OUT of what Jesus said in Mark 16: 18, they are "reasoning" and GOD does - NOT - reason. So, the best way to interpret this piece of Scripture would be to figure that Paul saw the serpent and deliberately reached down to handle it - to either get it out of the way or to show the command of the Lord from Mark 16 - that he believed in the signs that follow them that believe as stated in the last verse of the Book of Mark 16. Moses was the first serpent handler. When GOD turned the rod of Moses into a serpent in the Book of Genesis, he picked it up out of faith and trust for GOD. He didn't run away and reason his way out of it. Satan likes to reason with people. He tries to reason with GOD. A majority of indignant church leaders need to stop putting words in the mouth of Jesus. They need to stop running to other verses that have NOTHING to do with what Jesus said in Mark 16 as a mandate. Jesus never said anything about taking up serpents accidentally. Stop saying otherwise. He said to "take up serpents" - plain and simple - as is. It's not rocket science. Stop making it into rocket science just to look for an excuse to get out of it. Mark 16: 15 - 18 is an Apostolic teaching from Jesus to his disciples. To anyone who is angrily indignant to that saying or commandment, as the Church of God is, they are of sorcerers and witch doctors. Their teachers are of their "father the Devil". filled with "dead mens bones" and are headed straight for Hell - head first - and at full speed. 

 If you claim to be Apostolic, yet reject the last two portions of Mark 16 deliberately, that is your choice. You will answer to God for that. Beware of those who claim to be Apostolic but weasel their way out of the last two commandments of Mark 16: 18. Satan can't handle that area of Scripture and thats the Truth. That area of Scripture shakes up evil spirits on people (if they have this spirits) when they hear of it. When a demon learns that someone in front of him believes in ALL of Mark 16, he usually runs the opposite way from it and takes whoever he can with him. Some say that "Jesus never handled poisonous snakes". Who cares? He said it, didn't He? Jesus said it. That settles it. That's ALL that MATTERS. Some Christians believe that handling serpents was meant to be spiritual only. Well, at least they got half of it right. Jesus never celebrated birthdays or Christmas either - yet countless Christians believe that stuff, don't they.? Plus, I can say that "Jesus never spoke in tongues either". Others say "there is no where in the Bible where serpents were handled in any worship service". My response: Really? There didn't have to be in order to get His point across. Once again JESUS SAID IT! That's ALL that MATTERS! He said that ALL signs will follow them that believe - ALL - not just 2 signs, not just 3 signs - but ALL 5 signs. All that matters is what Jesus said in Mark 16: 15 - 18. Just because this practice of serpent handling and poison drinking wasn't in worship services in the Bible doesn't mean that it isn't Scriptural. Nor does it mean that we should abstain from it. God does NOT look for whiners. Moses handled a serpent and no doubt Jesus probably did too but it wasn't documented. For someone to believe in the first three signs of talking in tongues, healing the sick and casting out demons ONLY, while DELIBERATELY rejecting the last two signs of taking up of serpents and the drinking of poison, woe unto them. But God knows their hearts. The Bible says that "these signs will follow them that believe". It doesn't say "some signs will follow them that believe". It doesn't say "pick and choose what signs 'you think' should follow you". There are FIVE signs - not TWO signs - not THREE signs. There were FIVE signs written in the Bible. Got it? FIVE.. Those who water down the gospel of Mark 16 are not full gospel believers. They are counterfeit Christians. God does not look for "side choosers". Some other preachers and outside Christian people call Serpent Handlers the "Anti Christ". Really? They just blasphemed the Lord Jesus whose words were GOD's Words.. The term "Anti Christ" is a term applied to someone who goes "against what Jesus said". Really? Against what Jesus said? Think about that for a moment. Think HARD. If that's the case, it is they who reject the commandments of their own Lord and saviour. So is it not they who are Anti Christ? I think many of them don't even realize which side they're on..



Doctrines & Beliefs.. 

NOTE: Each belief may slightly vary from congregation to congregation, which is normal. The disciples of Jesus believed slightly different from each other. 

1: A spiritual and literal belief in Mark 16: 15- 18 as a five fold ministry. This involves 
literally picking up poisonous serpents, drinking strychnine on top of healing, speaking 
in tongues & casting out demons as well as handling fire. (Dan 3:27/ Mark 16: 17,18/ 
Luke 28: 5/ Heb 11: 34

2: The belief in Baptism by water immersion (not sprinkling, showers, or infant baptism). 

3: Abstaining from corrupt man made institutions such as hospitals- for GOD alone is the 
ultimate healer. To not do so is blasphemy and putting faith in 'man' who always fails. 

4: Strict dress codes for men (short hair (1 Cor 11: 4, 14,16), to wear long sleeves, no 
jewellery & to be clean shaven. Women should have long hair (1 Cor 11: 5,6), long 
dresses (Deut 22: 5), no cosmetics or jewellery. (1 Tim 2: 9, 10, 1 Pet 3: 3- 5) To do 
'otherwise' is an abomination. 

5: Abstaining from news papers, television, radio, alcohol, legal or illegal drugs and 
tobacco (2 Cor 6:17). 

6: Not to vote for politicians or politics- for it is corrupt and governments are owned, 
executed and affiliated by Satan. (Ex 20: 4,5/ Acts 15:20/ 1 John 5:21). 

7: No women preachers or pastors. (1 Tim 2: 11-15). 

8: The belief that Satan seduced Eve to commit the very first act of adultery so he could 
polute the human race and she gave birth to Cain. (Gen 3: 1-7/ 14- 17). 

9: The belief that faith without works is dead. (James 2:14- 19

10: Some teach that neither husband nor wife can remarry while the other is still alive.(Mark 10:11,12 / 1 Cor 7: 10-14

11: Others teach that a man can remarry if his wife commits adultery and fornicates against him. A woman, meanwhile can only remarry if her husband dies. (Matt 6:31, 32/ 19:9

12: The abstaining from secular holidays such as Birthdays (Matt 14: 6- 12), Christmas (Jer 
10: 2- 4
), Halloween, New Years Eve Celebrations, and other holidays that elevate men 
and not GOD. (James 4: 4,5

13: Baptism in Jesus Name. (Acts 2: 38). One God- three offices, titles and/ or duties. 

14: Baptism in the Name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost. (Matt 28: 19). Three 
Gods and/ or persons. 

15: The belief in an Eternal Hell which contains fire and brimstone.(Matt 13:42/ Mark 9: 
43- 48/ Jude 7/ Rev 14: 10-11/19: 20/21: 8

16: The belief in Predestination. (Gen 4: 17-24/ 5:1-32/ Luke 3: 23- 38/ Eph 1: 3,4,5,11

17: The belief that a man and a woman (who are dating & plan to be married) must not 
touch one another (not even hand holding) until marriage. (1 Cor 7: 1-2). 

18: The ordinance of footwashing in Communion services. (John 13: 4- 15). 

19: The belief that the Earth will be paved by fire until the New Earth gets restored by 
GOD. (2 Pet 3: 6,7, 10- 12). 

20: Some believe that The Mark Of The Beast (666) will be achieved literally by a micro 
chip implant. 

21: Others believe that The Mark Of The Beast (666) will be Spiritual- not literal. 


The Books.. 

There have been several books written about serpent handlers. The one book that I will not put on my list is called "Salvation On Sand Mountain" by Dennis Covington. He wrote the book, won awards and made good money from the selling of the book, but never gave the profits back to the Bretheren of the Holiness Snake Handlers movement. Also, when he attended their churches while writing the book, he did so for all the wrong reasons- he was more obsessed about picking up the poisonous serpents without seeking Jesus first and reading the Bible thus getting right with GOD. The books below are all well worth the money and reading. Books that have a star (*) beside are books that I found to be excellent. 

(*)"The Persecuted Prophets" 
"The Serpent and The Spirit: Glen Summerford's Story" by Thomas Burton. 
(*)"Handling Serpents" by Jimmy Morrow & Ralph W. Hood Jr. 
(*)"Taking Up Serpents: Snake Handlers Of Eastern Kentucky" by David Kimbrough. 
"Faith, Serpents & Fire" by Scott Schwartz. 
(*)"Serpent Handling Believers" by Thomas Burton. 



Persecution.. My Thoughts On It.. 



Pat Robertson called serpent handling: "A way out fringe.." He basically said that they were misguided and endangering children. That's a bold faced LIE. In response to that, it is Robertson who is endangering believers, including children, by turning people away from Jesus own commandments in the Book of Mark. Many run to Acts 28:5 which makes it look like an "accident" that Paul handled a serpent when he was gathering wood. Many run to Acts 28:5 as a "way out" - a "cop out" from abiding in Jesus commandments in the Book of Mark. Robertson is no exception to this. Shame on him. Jesus said that if they love Him, they will abide in ALL of His commandments. Robertson rejects this. He has blatantly proven his partial allegiance to the Word of God as HE sees fit. The Bible says NOT to lean unto one's OWN understanding - Robertson leans onto his OWN understanding. Robertson has also stated that the snake handlers are misguided in their view of Mark 16. Again, it is Robertson who is misguided because Moses handled a serpent under FAITH ONLY because God TOLD him to pick it up. I guess Moses was MISGUIDED. Jesus came to fulfill the law and when He spoke of taking up serpents in Mark 16, He was basically talking about how Moses did it and Jesus certified it. Knowing Robertson's own self deception, he probably believes the age old con that it is "tempting the Lord" if we take up a serpent. If he properly reads his Scriptures, he will see that God CANNOT be tempted. And to mock the faith of serpent handlers would be no different than when Satan mocked Jesus' faith when on top of the pinnacle of the temple. Jesus told Satan not to tempt God, because Satan was MOCKING the faith if Jesus - NOT because Jesus said "Thou shalt take up serpents" in Mark 16. If taking up serpents is "tempting God", then this would mean what Jesus said in Mark 16 was a lie. Someone is lying here. Is is Jesus? Or, is it those who blatantly thumb their noses at Mark 16? It is the latter of course - those who blatantly thumb their noses at Jesus own Words. You know, maybe some of these Christians should get their own custom made Bibles - Bibles that cater to the way "they want to live". To Mr. Robertson, I simply say "You live for God YOUR WAY, and we serpent handlers will live for God HIS WAY.." Repent, Mr. Robertson.. You are spiritually treading on a very dangerous line sir.. I don't even think you realize which SIDE you're ON...

Holiness Serpent Handlers are persecuted across the board from all other religions. In fact, there are churches that won't let us in their doors- even if all we have on us is our Bibles. The bias towards us is not surprising. When Satan fears, he tries to cast out those who are good. Some other Christians call us "hick snake handlers" as if to imply that we are all dummies, with a grade 2 education who don't know how to interpret the Bible. In response, some of us call them "over educated tongue yodelers" because they "obsess" over speaking in tongues and "focus" on colleges to teach the Bible. The Bible also talk of "foolish babblers" and "tongues of deadly poison". None of  the disciples of Jesus were "over educated" with any "post secondary educations". None. Only the apostle Paul was the educated one with his educational training as a Pharisee, which proved useless to him as a disciple of Christ.

Other Christians make fun of snake handling beliefs and practices by trying to kill them in words or deeds. Their actions are that of swine that trample over pearls and will answer seriously to God for that. In the Secular world, there are 'man made' laws forbidding snake handling in some states and provinces. But the Laws of Man mean nothing to them if those very laws demand them to go against the covenant of GOD. The Bible says that it is "better to obey GOD than to obey man". After all, the Laws of Man favor and give more rights to homosexuality, prostitution, pornography, Satanism, Christian Hate Groups, child pornography (in some countries) and incest (in some countries) - just to name a few out of many offenses. So, yes, they would disobey Man's Law and its Satanically inspired courts in areas where it DISOBEYS GOD and wants them, or any other religion to do the same. Anyone who demands a Christian to go against his or her own covenant and go against GOD's laws in exchange for a perverted law that is condemned in the Bible is Satanically inspired. The Christian will most likely end up in jail, rather then "sell out" his or her beliefs like Adam and Eve did in the book of Genesis. Adam and Eve sold themselves out to Satan in the Garden of Eden when they bit into the fruit which was forbidden by GOD. Man can kill you literally, but GOD can kill you spiritually. From experiences with snake handlers, they'll tell you and I can agree that a bite from your fellow man can often be worse than the bite from a serpent. Truth or lie. GOD or Satan?   

First off: People also say that the poisonous snakes get "used to their handlers" or are "stripped of their venom prior to service" by their handlers. This is mostly false. Snakes are cold blooded wild animals that have no liking to warm blooded people. Another report by science suggests that snake handlers survive snake bites or strychnine poisoning because their bodies are used to it. Once again, that is false and some snake handlers reject science and call it "Cain's Religion" - that has been wroth against GOD from the outset - trying to prove that there is no GOD since the Book of Genesis. Some say "Jesus never handled a serpent so neither should we!". Really? Jesus wasn't married either, yet Christians get married. Jesus never celebrated Christmas, yet Christians celebrate Christmas. So lets not be ridiculous here. People say that we are tempting the Lord. We only tempt the Lord if we go against His commandments. Jesus told Satan that he wasn't going to tempt GOD because SATAN wanted Jesus to throw himself from a cliff. If GOD would have asked Jesus to throw himself off of the cliff, he would have done so. Jesus never said anything about tempting the LORD if we handle serpents. 
We also get likened to people that cut the throats of babies (not Scriptural) just to have GOD resurrect them. See how Satan perverts the minds of unbelievers with such disgusting ideas? What garbage and utter vomit. See how Satan throws lies in our faces? Jesus never told His followers to cut the throats of infants, nor did He ever tell them to cut their own throats with knives, nor did He ever tell them to cast themselves off of cliffs, nor did He ever tell his followers to stand in front of falling boulders or raging bears. See? Misinformation! The only thing He said to His men before He ascended to Heaven was to "speak in tongues" (if the Holy Spirit gives utterance), cast out demons, heal the sick, take up serpents and drink poison. These are all of the 5 signs of a five fold ministry. People are full of excuses not to practice Mark 16: 15- 18. If that's the case, see 2 Tim 3: 16 & 17. 

"Thou shall... or Thou shalt..." is mentioned since the Book of Genesis throughout the Bible. It means that you MUST or you WILL. Moses recognized this in the Book of Exodus. He was the first Serpent Handler. When GOD turned the Rod of Moses into a Serpent, Moses ran the other direction, out of fear. GOD stopped him and told him to reach down and pick it up with his bare hands. Did he whimper and whine - throwing a tantrum like Cain did in the book of Genesis when GOD rejected his sacrifice? No. Moses reached down, picked up the serpent and GOD turned it back into the Rod. See? The Rod of Moses is the Rod of Jesus which connects with Mark 16: 17 & 18. But, like Cain, the persecutors / other Christians make excuses and cast us out. They do this because it is easier to cast us out instead of changing their own system - their actions are dangerous. Mark 16: 17 & 18 divides the true Christian (Abel) from the false Christian (Cain). Period. No exceptions. With Satan, there are exceptions - with GOD, there are NO exceptions. There are only two sides. Even if a Christian believes Mark 16: 15- 18 is right stands a better chance of getting favor from GOD and having a clearer understanding of Scriptural insight than the rejector. However, when it comes down to other Christians - "imitators" who thumb their noses at GOD and who are indignant towards us, as well as, the latter two commandments of Mark 16, they are spiritually in trouble. They are self mutilating their souls. Those indignant actions and attitudes of those kind of people, a lot of us either pray for deliverance or deliberately shun- for they are demons- wolves in sheep's clothing. Their words and / or deeds are chock full of mockery, hatred, trickery and sorcery. Saying "no" to us is one thing when it comes to following the entire Scriptures. It won't hurt us when they say an emphatic "no"- it will hurt them. Saying "no" to Jesus, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. This not only applies to Mark 16. This applies to all Scripture. If you are a born again Christian and believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of GOD, yet you "weed out" the last two commandments of Mark 16: 17- 18, then your faith should seriously be in question. Don't believe one thing when the Bible says another. We don't tempt the Lord by handling serpents. The Scriptures say absolutely nothing about tempting the Lord when it comes down to handling serpents. Only Satan tempts the Lord when he asks believers of Christ to PROVE their miracles - just like Satan did to Jesus. So in conclusion anybody who demands a Holiness Snake Handler to PROVE their beliefs is an advocate of Satan. They either knowingly or Unknowingly mock the faith while shooting down their own faith. If they had a true faith, they would not have been so childishly indignant towards me or other like me. They wouldn't give me blanketed condemnation over their pulpits with childish analogies and silly rhetoric. Look, if you CAN'T do the last two commandments of Mark 16, don't childishly condemn someone who does. the moment you condemn someone for following GOD's Word by the extra mile, you condemn yourself as a reviler and a viper. One pastor of a "non snake handling church" made fun of me over the pulpit by asking me, in front of his congregation, if I "knew" what a Cockatrice was. I knew that was a shot below the belt even though he didn't mean to be offensive. However, if he read the Bible his whole life and has been a minister for years, yet doesn't know what a cockatrice is, he better start studying the Scriptures. A pastor, who doesn't know what a Cockatrice is in the Bible and who gives blanketed condemnations over the pulpit shouldn't be a pastor. Sorry.. Anyone who tells us that we are tempting the Lord doesn't know their own Scriptures and is therefor not necessarily qualified to be a Christian. For it is they who tempt the Lord for "taking one word out of or adding one word to" the Bible by mixing up other Scriptures to fit their excuses not to follow the Lord's commandments. They obviously do not know 2 Tim 3: 16 - 17.

You see how some people try to complicate everything and take everyone AWAY from the simplicities of the Word of God with their foolish "over analyzing"? See how many come up with absurd and insanely stupid remarks - whether they are the average puppet for Satan, or some over educated college guru who tries to out educate God? These are all fools and they will know their places in Hell, lest they repent, get over themselves, stop acting like swine that the Holy people cast pearls on, accept Jesus as Lord Savior  and get right with GOD!! Even the media, who has constantly contacted many of us to do silly reality shows and documentaries, yet those people are SAVED by the Blood of the Lamb. We Handlers, do NOT need the media to get our message out. Christ is the only we need - HIS GUIDANCE to ASSIST us in getting the Message OUT. Many people need to seriously get over their immoral and totally Satanic lifestyles and REPENT..     







One thing must be said however. We as serpent handlers ARE Bible Believing Christians. Whether we be Trinitarian or Jesus Only or whatever, many of us love Christians of all faiths. God instructs us to love our neighbors - NOT their ACTIONS. PERIOD. For if we cannot love our neighbors, God is NOT in us. But, if our neighbors do NOT love US because we may not condone their lucid demonic behaviors, they are of Satan and are heading straight to Hell lest they repent and accept Jesus as Lord and savior.. We love the many while the many do not love us, yet they profess to have Christ. Trust me, they don't have Christ. They have Anti Christ - NOT Christ. Simple. Maybe you're in an area that has no serpents, or are in Antarctica and believe in ALL of God's Word and ALL of Mark 16 which is IN God's Word. You will STILL gain favor with God because you accept ALL of His Word and He will KNOW whether you are lying or NOT. God knows your heart. It is truly NOT our job, as Bible believers, who believe in serpent handling, to pin point who is going where after they die. That is God's job. He mainly wants us to preach the Gospel to every creature and win them to Christ. Many serpent handlers know this. Many Serpent Handling churches are NOT exclusive country clubs that say that you MUST find a way to handle a serpent if there isn't one in your area for thousands of miles otherwise you won't be saved. That's absurd. That's not Scriptural. Many serpent handlers do not add "man made rules" to the Scriptures. Some do, most don't. Most strictly stay with the Scriptures. But still, it is NOT our position to judge others and predetermine where you or others will end up after you die. Just believe in Jesus as you personal Lord and savior, then you shalt be saved. Confess Jesus with your mouth and then, if you sincerely repented and truly love God, you will begin to walk with the Word of God in your deeds. Serpent Handling is just a faith extension. And nobody, who has gone through the experience of snake handling and the spiritual experiences it provides has allowed anyone to rob them of those experiences. You can't take the faith away from someone who has crossed the line and experienced snake handling after giving acceptance to Mark 16 as part of the Lord's Word. Jesus saves, handling serpents doesn't. However, we don't make excuses NOT to abide in God's Word, because we love His commandments. Don't even try to approach us and convince us to forsake our experiences, especially if you have not ever tried it nor even bothered to understand it. We don't care what your fallible ministers say against serpent handling. We HAVE our REVELATION, many of you don't. We don't care what your cult prophets or gurus say against serpent handling. We rely on the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ to give us the Word of God ONLY - not any exterior fallible MEN.. There is NO OTHER NAME under Heaven to which a man can be saved by and that name is Jesus Christ - not Moses, not Elijah, not Buddha, not John the Baptist, not the Watchtower, not Joseph Smith, not Mohamad. Just JESUS. Snake Handlers are some of the toughest Christians around. Don't even try to sway us.. God has given us revelations and experiences that many other Christians can't comprehend due to their ignorance and rejection of it. There is no real way to describe it in words unless you cross the line yourself. We are Apostolic Holiness Pentecostal Christians who love Jesus, who love all of His Words and look to Him as the ultimate authority in our day to day practices. Love Jesus with all of your mind, all of your heart and all of your soul.. Not only must you be born again; believe in ALL of His Word and you will see more doors open up for you in His Grace.. Amen.          



Snake Handling Churches... 


NOTE: Not all snake handling churches are listed here and some that are listed here may no longer exist. They are listed in alphabetical order.



The list has been removed because it was out of date.